The interconnecting public

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Additional proof that every individual is passionate in and knowledgeable about something can be found in the fragmentation of mainstream media viewership as well as the flow of contentย to hundreds of thousands of specialized websites.

In actuality, the general publics size and variety are its strengths. A population made up of more than simply the privileged and or special interest groupsย is often far smarter.

The idea that governance “by people” implies people have quite a responsibility to keep oneself educated is ingrained with the knowledge of judgment call by such an interdependent society.

Furthermore, governments had a crucial part in providing individuals with information and updates in addition to the skills, such as the capacity to write and read to allow them to absorb it.

Previous Members of congress issued legislation mandating the creation of school systems and declaring reading skills and schooling priorities. Women have been granted the right to vote at the time, partly to be able to support their kid’s education. Additionally, “practical information,” that included current affairs, was stressed in classrooms.

As explorers went west beyond Eastern Seaboard major cities, the dissemination of information required a means of keeping pace. Government solved the issue whenever it established the Postal Service. This was determined that within the United States, each county ought to have a postal service and the sending of newspapers and literature must be supported by reduced postal fees, dismissing the European model where each local branch was needed to earn enough money to compensate for it’s own.